Furniture rental, by design, is temporary. Yet while the service that CORT provides is short term, INK saw very quickly that the relationship formed with customers is not. From weddings, galas, and staging homes for sale to moves for military personnel, students, and long-distance commuters, CORT’s extraordinary level of customer service and extremely easy rental process turn one-time customers into long-term success stories. Highlighting this relationship is where we focus our efforts for CORT’s many social channels, including multiple Facebook pages, private networking groups, Twitter channels, a LinkedIn channel with three subpages, two Instagram channels and a Pinterest page. INK is the digital glue that bonds CORT and its customers online.



We take full advantage of all the bells and whistles the social media landscape has to offer, hosting contests, running ad campaigns, engaging with customers and influencers, and sharing videos.



In addition to our day-to-day strategy and execution, INK supports CORT at tradeshows to augment its on-the-ground efforts, engage virtually with attendees, drive booth traffic, and ensure CORT’s solutions are seen by its target audiences.

Ongoing research and analysis of audience segmentation keeps our social content fresh, direct, and relevant to CORT’s target consumers.

Thousands of engagements
Percent growth on Instagram
Ad Sets

In partnership with CORT, we have streamlined the brand’s digital presence, grown the company’s online network by 85 percent, and ultimately built a stronger connection between the brand and its customers. Our editorial calendar strategically prioritizes CORT’s key audiences, while simultaneously serving content to a wide range of consumers – all while positioning CORT as a short-term solutions company that cares about long-term relationships.

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