SLO Down Wines is best described by its one guiding message: seriously good wine that doesn’t take itself too seriously. With its humor, unpretentiousness, and creativity, SLO Down Wines has reached a new generation of wine connoisseurs. In a series of campaigns highlighted below, INK was tasked with extending SLO’s reach to gain new fans and customers, while staying true to the personality of the brand and its beloved founder.



To better reach SLO’s audience, INK bypassed traditional wine media for more lifestyle and business-focused publications. Just as SLO attracts a new generation of wine lovers, Women’s Health reaches a new untraditional, modern generation of women. The magazine featured SLO’s survey on its website and introduced a large female population to SLO’s vintage Sexual Chocolate wine.

To publicize the launch of the Love Hammer wine, it seemed obvious that SLO and VICE were a match made in foodie heaven. With similar audiences and an appreciation for the fun, audacious, and irreverent, SLO was right at home on VICE’s “Munchies” page.

INK fully embraced the unconventional when tasked with creating a campaign for SLO’s Love Hammer wine. Prior to the launch, INK released daily videos, such as this informative (yet tastefully raunchy) tutorial on opening wine bottles that have wax tops – a surprisingly challenging task without proper instruction. This campaign, like the rest of our work, boosted the allure of Love Hammer and included the brand’s humor that SLO fans love, while also being informative and considerate of the strict guidelines for alcohol brand advertising on social media.

To promote SLO’s flagship vintage wine, Sexual Chocolate 2014, we launched a “drinking and dating” survey, which measured the impact wine may have on how attractive you find your date. INK looks for unique ways to stay loyal to SLO’s individuality – transforming drab data into “sexy” statistics that helped increase awareness and boost social media engagement by asking readers to “overshare” via Twitter.

Social share views
Million coverage views
First place PR Daily Award

Through our approach to staying true to SLO’s unique personality and brand, INK received first place in the “Pitch” category for the 2016 PR Daily Awards. SLO also received a great response from the launch of Love Hammer. The campaign attracted coverage in 12 publications, including VICE, Martha Stewart, Crave Online, Bustle, Paste, and XO Jane. Collectively, the articles were viewed nearly three million times, with the feature in VICE receiving nearly 200,000 views and 1,000 shares on Facebook. The digital component of the campaign has also had a lasting impact with over 18K views, 100K impressions, and 800 likes.

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