Northwest Instruments, known for its impressive portfolio of commercial measurement and surveying systems, enlisted INK to create a new consumer brand for its smart measuring tools. We were tasked with naming, positioning, and developing the brand identity – but first we needed to decide on a name. With our target audience, the “creative doer,” in mind, we began thorough research and brainstorming. Soon enough, Plott was born.



We wanted to ensure Plott was visually appealing to the “creative do-er” by finding the perfect blend of human creativity and sleek technicality. We incorporated geometric shapes and playful imagery with bold colors and patterns to create a complimentary, sophisticated look. Ultimately, we were able to create an identity for Plott that evoked aspiration, yet was relatable to even the most novice DIYer. For an in-depth look into our creative process for Plott, take a peek at our blog.

The Consumer Technology Association’s annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was a prime opportunity for INK to further position Plott as a unique consumer brand and promote its first product, Cubit. We were able to introduce the innovative capabilities of Cubit, while further solidifying Plott’s new image to critical media and influencers.

We developed Plott’s brand identity to empower creative thinking and sharing. Plott’s brand identity and characteristics flowed seamlessly with Cubit’s capabilities, giving both the brand and product added credibility. The Plott brand and look effectively conveys the emotions we wanted from our audience, which increased media coverage for Cubit.

Media introductions
Co's inc. in CES Best of Inno
Tier-one articles

The promotion of Plott and Cubit at CES not only helped drive attention and interest, but it also helped secure the coveted CES Best of Innovation award. Coverage and positive reviews continue to span from features in USA Today, Digital Trends, and VentureBeat. In addition to garnering seven tier-one media hits, 57 reporters and industry influencers indicated interest in continuing to follow the company throughout the consumer launch.

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