INK believes that renewable, clean energy has the power to make the world a better place. From enterprises to startups, we work with companies specializing in wind, solar, biofuels, hydropower, and geothermal, and do our part to ensure they continue to make a positive impact. For the last decade, we’ve worked to mitigate communication challenges and share the captivating story of the rise of sustainable fuel sources. In such a volatile industry, it’s critical that our client partners have the necessary resources and support on every possible level.



Our most memorable green energy moment so far? Shaking President Obama’s hand during his visit to Broadwind Energy’s turbine tower manufacturing plant. Not a bad fringe benefit for helping positively change the world. With only four days advance notice, we organized messaging, internal and external communications, and coordinated with the President’s team to facilitate the visit.

Getting our clients in front of the right media is only one component of our job. Making sure they have the information to know what and how to speak to the media is another huge piece. We ensure our clients and their interests are represented in local weeklies and national publications alike. We also rely on our four P’s approach to crisis communications: predict, plan, prepare, and practice situations, which range from turbine failures to land restrictions, and everything in between. In the renewable space, we know where to make the biggest impact, but we do so with great care and discretion.

Education is essential. In addition to our owner-operator partners, INK has educated the media and masses about many key advances in clean tech. We work to maximize all opportunities to inform our audiences on how our partners contribute to their communities and fit into the larger landscape of sustainability.

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Our experience has taught us that all companies in this industry run into similar challenges communicating their value to investors, community partners, environmentalists, naysayers, legislators, and consumers. We write and place bylined articles, run social media programs, develop speaker programs, secure countless pieces of coverage at the local (Utica Observer-Dispatch, Pawhuska Journal-Capital) and national level (Forbes, Fortune, Associated Press, New York Times, TIME, Wall Street Journal). We provide tradeshow support and train media executives. We guide companies through crisis, around hot button issues, over communications hurdles, and out the other side with their brands intact. We tirelessly monitor, collect, and analyze clean energy news and media mentions five days a week, 50 weeks out of the year, which averages out to more than 4,000 articles per year. In short – we live for this stuff.

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