We’ve always worked with the Bluetooth SIG – our first client in 2004 is still our client today. We’ve seen product shipment rates increase from 156M to 2.5B per year, and memberships increase from 4,000 to over 33,000. The strategic growth and promotion of Bluetooth over the past 13 years, and its recent introduction of a mesh topology, has positioned Bluetooth wireless technology to be the lynch pin that makes the IoT a reality. Announcing Bluetooth mesh wasn’t just fireworks and a megaphone. Bluetooth mesh is a complex story, and the SIG called on INK to help walk them through this pivotal change.



Before unveiling mesh to the media, we assessed the entire Bluetooth SIG story to ensure we could introduce mesh as a new type of connectivity while still providing a foundation for future Bluetooth capabilities. We set expectations, which meant positioning mesh as a fit-for-purpose solution for the commercial and industrial markets. We also highlighted the support that mesh had already received from industry leaders and the SIG membership.

INK started with one of our favorite strategies: turn to the data. We combined primary research with analyst feedback to rewrite our story inclusive of mesh and alongside the massive change Bluetooth Low Energy brought to the market. Through research, we refined the language we would use to tell the world.

After creating thoughtful and targeted content, we designed, developed, and directed a media outreach strategy that pushed key messaging around industrial IoT and smart lighting to top-tier publications around the globe. Our team also used social media to tie everything together with a digital bow. Our efforts not only made the announcement a success, but resulted in a sustainable foundation of communications for the SIG.


Unique articles
Percent increase in top-tier coverage
Impressions from mesh launch tweet

We considered the SIG’s mesh launch the start of an industrial IoT revolution. And this approach made it possible to get phenomenal results, like 52% message pull-through, a 22% increase in top-tier coverage over the last spec announcement, and over 100K social media impressions. But we weren’t just working for the SIG on this release, we were charged with including their membership, and did we ever! Count ’em: 16 company statements of support, 12 product sheets, two members included in the press release, and coordinated news releases with Silicon Labs and Qualcomm. Now THAT is how you start a revolution.

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