Self-service programmatic platform companies, like Choozle, have drastically changed the ways in which ads are distributed across the Internet. INK began working with Choozle in 2017 to establish a positive voice in the media, elevate brand awareness, and drive conversions that work toward business goals.



INK developed strategies to distinguish Choozle from its competitors, which are predominately publicly traded companies that maintain a heavy portion of the online market share. INK leveraged Choozle’s fundraising and profitability news as a coverage driver and competitive differentiator in this space.

INK also helped Choozle create a unique story to tell by developing and distributing a consumer-facing survey to learn the public’s perception on the current state of digital advertising. Choozle utilized the results in a webinar which provided their customers with actionable insights on how to avoid consumer fatigue of ads and how to create successful campaigns. INK also used the results to position Choozle as a credible industry thought leader.

Through numerous media relations strategies, INK helped propel Choozle’s overall position within the industry. We identified ongoing, proactive media opportunities that allowed Choozle to insert its voice in industry discussions in trade and mainstream media.

Unique coverage
% Increase in Earned Media
New PR-driven clients

During the first month of our partnership, Choozle had its highest recorded number of demo requests in the company’s history. These demos, which were tracked back to articles placed by INK, resulted in the signing of three new clients. The survey that INK executed on behalf of Choozle resulted in nine unique pieces of coverage in top-tier industry outlets such as AdWeek, MarTech Advisor, The Drum, and B&T. During the first half of 2017, INK placed a total of 60 unique pieces of coverage and increased Choozle’s share of voice to be on par with one of its largest competitors.

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