Ep. 60: Let’s Get Digital, Digital! Pt. 1

  • October 4, 2018
  • Joey Held

Recently, INK hosted a Digital Day where we met with folks from companies that create all kinds of cool digital tools, from social listening to trend monitoring to unique delivery experiences. Some of these vendors joined us in in our studio and chatted about their products and where they see the digital industry going. This is the first in a weekly series that we’re calling “Let’s Get Digital, Digital!”

In this episode, we hear from Taylor Foster of fan experience platform Fooji. Taylor chats about how Fooji helps bring interactive engagement to people across the country through social listening. He walks us through the platform and shares tales like getting to hang out with Thor and delivering pizza from the hit HBO show Silicon Valley.

Fooji is a big believer in giving before you get, which is music to our ears. INK loves surprise and delight activities as a way to get closer to fans and customers. The potential to connect is stronger than ever before.

Digital tools like this are revolutionizing our industry. If you’re not already onboard the digital train, now’s a terrific time to start.

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