Ep. 57: The Purpose-Driven Brand

  • August 9, 2018
  • INK Team

Show Notes

Cultivating a purpose-driven brand can seem like a risky prospect in today’s heated public discourse. But on today’s podcast, we discuss why (and how) brands are actually finding more success by taking a stand on social and environmental issues.

Alicia Tillman, award-winning CMO of SAP, joins us for this important discussion on the significance of purpose-driven marketing. Conventional wisdom tells brands to stay away from potentially controversial topics of conversation. Alicia argues it’s a growing business imperative for companies to do the opposite, because the majority of today’s consumers–both B2B and B2C–prefer to partner with companies doing good in the world. And it pays to do good: Alicia shares that authentic, purpose-driven brand strategies consistently result in increased share price and higher employee retention.

Alicia also tells the story of her work leading SAP’s purpose-driven marketing strategy. Their #TheBestRun campaign tells the stories of how SAP customers are using their technology to make the world a better place in the face of economic, societal, and environmental concerns. You can check out the campaign on SAP’s website.

Huge thanks to Alicia Tillman, and INK’s own purpose-driven CEO Starr Million Baker, for being a part of this episode of The Good Stuff and The Noise.

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