Ep. 56: Diversity in Tech Entrepreneurship

  • July 26, 2018
  • INK Team

Show Notes

The lack of diversity in areas like tech, entrepreneurship (and marketing, too according to the Holmes Report) are well known issues in today’s workforce. To learn more about the work that is being done to address diversity in tech, we are joined in this episode by Dana Callender. Dana is the COO of diversity-focused tech accelerator DivIncShe tells us how DivInc. works to educate, transform, and ultimately diversify the tech entrepreneurship space. Start-up founders of all backgrounds, this one’s for you. 

In this episode we also take a wider look at the diversity problem in the US workforce. Dana shares that two of the most common obstacles to diversity in tech are unconscious bias and imposter’s syndrome. However, many sources have found that diverse companies consistently outperform their competitors. We also discuss two companies, Threatcare and WP Engine, who are championing diversity in tech.

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