EP. 58: The Rise of the Rest

  • September 4, 2018
  • Kari Hernandez

Show Notes

In this 58th episode of The Good Stuff & The Noise, Kari and Joey sit down with one of our favorite former clients, Julie Huls. We had the honor of working with Julie from 2012-2016 when she made great things happen at the Austin Technology Council.

Using the model she built and tested for Austin, Julie Huls is now leading economic transformation through technology in emerging tech markets in the Midwest like Milwaukee, Wisconsin. An Illinois native, Julie is personally vested in helping the middle of the country harness the opportunity and prosperity that a thriving technology ecosystem promises.

“Austin truly is a model that is admired in other parts of the country. I speak now up in the Midwest every day about not just Austin but the state of Texas. I think what’s happened here is truly remarkable. The pro-entrepreneur and pro-business environment is something admired in a deep way in other markets,” said Julie Huls, now of The Huls Group.

Learn why Milwaukee is promising to be the next hub for technology and innovation, and how embracing a city’s culture and history is critical to building an authentic growth narrative. (It all comes back to communications, y’all!) Milwaukee has this in spades. Even if you’re not into economic development, you might just want to go visit Milwaukee for a weekend after listening to this episode.

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