Ep. 52: Green, Clean Marketing

  • April 5, 2018
  • INK Team

Along the B2B or B2C customer’s buyer’s journey, cleantech marketing presents unique challenges. Do you downplay or maximize the “green” side of your sustainable product in favor of messaging about cost savings or innovation? Should your strategy focus on activating the C-Suite, the end user, or somewhere in between? And how do you effectively juggle it all on a limited budget when the answer is “all of the above”? We chat with experts Dhruv Varma, Director of Product Marketing at Green Revolution Cooling, and INK’s Caitlin New to hear what they’ve learned from the trenches of cleantech marketing.

Whether you’re rebranding or building media relationships, we talk about how audience research and market analysis are especially crucial to avoid missteps in cleantech marketing. Dhruv also shares his thoughts on why more companies are incorporating the marketing point of view throughout cleantech product development. And stay tuned until the end of the episode, where we geek out and recognize just how cool marketing for green and sustainable brands can be.

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