Ep. 49: All Things Renewable

  • February 16, 2018
  • INK Team

Topic near and dear to my heart? Yep, renewable energy – how it’s made, how it’s marketed, and how we as communicators can ensure that all of the audiences energy affects – and there are a lot of them! – understand its benefits to the world around us.

This week, Candice Eng and I had the opportunity to chat all things renewable energy on our favorite podcast, INK’s The Good Stuff and The Noise. Three things you’ll learn when you listen:

  • Take an audience-first approach. While an audience-first approach is always key in communications, it becomes even more important in the energy industry. Very few industries have as many key stakeholders as does renewable energy, which makes designing communications programs that much more complicated.
  • Communications strategies are not one-size-fits-all: integrated strategies make the most impact. Media relations is a key tool in the renewable energy communicator’s toolbox, but it’s not the only one. Those companies that use all of the channels and strategies at their disposal – media relations, events, social media, advertising, SEO – will be the ones that win.
  • Be prepared for crisis. Follow INK’s 4Ps crisis comms strategy: predict, plan, prepare, and practice.

This podcast’s blog is authored by INK CEO Starr Million Baker, who has lead INK’s renewable energy practice since 2008. Want more renewables expertise? Check out her four-part blog series, “Communications Programs in the Renewable Sector.

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