Ep. 39: Crazy Little Thing Called Data

  • August 31, 2017
  • Joey Held

How do you prove the monetary value of your PR program and show that your hard work is truly moving the needle for your organization? PR folks in our industry ask themselves this question every day. Despite the vast pool of data at our fingertips in today’s marketing landscape, it can still be a challenge to demonstrate the return on investment of a public relations program. We tackle this conundrum head-on in this episode, featuring Becky Banasik of PR measurement powerhouse TrendKite.

Becky tells us the biggest mistakes PR pros make in their efforts to prove value and the KPIs you should be using instead. She also shares her predictions for how the PR industry will continue to rely more and more on data like our counterparts in marketing and advertising.

INK loves TrendKite. If you’re not already using their powerful PR measurement tools, be sure to check them out after this episode. They just announced a new feature called PR Attribution that we’re particularly excited about – you can measure traffic from articles without needing a backlink in the article.

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