Ep. 32: Effective Rebranding with Tim Weinheimer

  • May 25, 2017
  • INK Team

Let’s face it – with how many companies there are in the world, it’s difficult to stand out. A brand can certainly make its mark, but there has to be a sound strategy in place to make sure it’s delivering its message in the best way possible. Are you satisfied with merely surviving, or do you truly want to thrive?

In this episode, Joey and Kim welcome INK friend Tim Weinheimer into the studio. Tim is the founder of The Weinheimer Group and has worked with a number of organizations to help build – and sometimes rebuild – their brands. Through deep dives into analytics, meticulous research into cross-platform trends, and strategy around visual storytelling, Tim is able to provide insights into a brand’s core audiences and offers direction on the best ways to reach them.

Tim walks us through the six major components of a rebrand, from research to launch. He also discusses what companies often overlook when undergoing a rebranding effort and shares a few of his favorite KPIs for a rebrand.

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