Ep. 26: Acquiring Talent with TradeMark Media

  • March 2, 2017
  • INK Team

Organizational change can be a bumpy road. It requires everyone to be on the same page and to work towards the greater goals of the company. Onboarding a new organization while keeping the vision and culture of the existing company is an even bigger challenge. How can a company make sure they’re on the right path when an acquisition or merger occurs?

In this INKcast episode, Nick Weynand and Rachel Clemens of web development, design, and strategic marketing company TradeMark Media stop by the INKcast studios. Nick and Rachel chat about the company’s recent acquisition of design firm Creative Suitcase and what it means for the company moving forward. We discuss how TradeMark Media has integrated a new organization within their business while maintaining their appealing culture. Nick and Rachel explain their work with mission-driven companies – a value true to us here at INK as well – and what they’ve learned from each other since the acquisition.

Nick and Rachel have lived full lives outside of work, so you’ll hear about Nick’s adventurous eating habits and Rachel’s run-in with a zebra. Rachel’s young son, a professional joke teller, was kind enough to let Rachel borrow a joke to share – you’re guaranteed to get a laugh or at least a groan.

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