Ep. 12: A Tour of the Austin-American Statesman Printing Press

  • August 11, 2016
  • INK Team

On this episode of the INKcast, Joey and Kim take a tour of the Austin-American Statesman printing press, discovering just how much work goes into the paper we read every morning. We chat with Chuck Schilhab, Assistant Manager of the Pressroom, to learn how he went from a starry-eyed college student to running his own team to ensure you get your news. He talks about the Y2K scare, a time “Stop the presses!” was actually yelled, and a whole lot more. He’s also the most positive person we’ve ever met, which is always a plus.

In addition, Kim and Joey discuss this great worldwide event going on currently. While fans and sponsors can mention the Olympics as much as they want, other brands have to get a bit more creative. We talk about how they can do just that, and Kim realizes she knows more about rhythmic gymnastics than she ever thought.

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