Does your business have soul?

  • September 7, 2012
  • Kari Hernandez

I had a most amazing client kick-off meeting this morning. This company has great technology and are growing quickly. They are forward-thinking and focused. They have smart, committed staff and leadership that are committed to marketing and PR. That’s all incredible stuff in and of itself but what struck me the most today and every other time we’ve met with them is their contagious passion and authenticity. They really care and they aren’t afraid to talk about it. They care about how their technology affects people’s lives and they care about being as good of a company as they can be. They go the extra mile for their customers. All of this results in hardworking, passionate employees, customers that volunteer to be references and sing their praises, not to mention a PR agency ready to move mountains to help them succeed. This is a business with soul.

INK is a business with soul as well and I think that’s why this company wanted to work with us. We have struggled with communicating this differentiator because it seems like a given, or something you have to prove, not talk about. But more and more, I think the reason clients are attracted to us and why they stay with us is our passion and authenticity. This manifests in our commitment to client service and our enthusiasm for our clients’ business. It results in long-term partnerships and fresh, evolving communications programs that make a difference. We’re looking for new clients that value this honest, no-BS approach to communications and appreciate the clients we have today that recognize this as an INK difference.

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