Do You Get Carded? We Do!

  • September 18, 2011
  • Starr Million Baker

Many months ago, when it was not the hottest month ever recorded in Austin, TX, I looked around the conference table at the old INK offices and noticed we were ALL wearing cardigans. Seriously, all 10 of us. Now I know we all wear underwear, we all wear jeans, and sometimes we might all wear t-shirts or bows in our hair (not really – just seeing if you were paying attention), but it was a rarity that – in the aforementioned Austin, and in April no less – we would all have on a cardigan at the same time. Or so I thought. Ever the competitor, I immediately challenged my fellow INKers to not only count the cardigans in their closet, but take pictures! Share! Show me the sweater! I said it was because I had a brilliant analogy I was going to make to what we do, and launch it as a social media campaign to promote the responsible use of cardigans – do you “get carded?” But, alas I must admit, that’s just not true. Try as I might, I can’t come up with anything brilliant that relates cardigans to public relations – I just really wanted to know if I had the most cardigans. And I do. Well, I do at INK. When I expanded the challenge to include our clients (perhaps we were a little slow back in April?), I was delighted to find that Jessi Marshall, esteemed Gemalto client and cardigan┬áconnoisseur, wins (by a small margin – she has 33 (that’s more than 1 per day for a month folks!). What does the lucky winner get? A picture of her plethora of cardigans on Fresh INK – and a congratulatory drink at The Grove whenever she’d like to take me up on it. Then we’ll see who gets carded. ­čśë


The winner's closet

The actual INK cardigan count (read ’em and weep):

Starr: 29 (this actually borders on a fetish – who needs this many cardigans in TX? Still, means I win so can’t be all bad. ;-))

Allison: 22 (I still doubt this number – she likely had at least another 5-10 at the dry cleaner’s)

Candice: 19 (but had just donated 6 to Goodwill – still, not in her possession at time of count)

Kari: 17 (winner of the ugliest cardigan category)

Case in point - Kari's Christmas sweater

Helen: 14 (winner of most jubilant use of cardigans in photo category)

A Mary Tyler Moore moment

Jessica: 8 (winner of the sensible moving category – having moved from NY to TX, she thought “I don’t need that many cardigans!” Little did she know…)

Blair: 8 (winner of the wear as many cardigans at one time category)

"Hi, I'm Chandler - could I be wearing any more cardigans?"

Beth: 8 (winner of the best named cardigans category)

Alexis Cardington

Adrienne: 5 (ironically, the same number as her infant INKer daughter Charlotte)

The littlest cardigan wearer

Rachael: 5 (winner of “needs more cardigans” category)

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