• May 8, 2018
  • Hannah Cole

The time to vote is now! For Denver Startup Week 2018 panel submissions, that is. INKers are passionate about a number of topics, so we tapped into our expertise and interests to curate six awesome sessions for consideration. Covering everything from how to start a kick-ass podcast for your company to how to best talk to investors when you’re seeking funding for your new business, we think there is a little something for everybody with these panels.

One of the greatest things about Denver Startup Week is that it values the community and its opinion. That’s why all submissions are open for the public to vote on until May 18. The panels with the most votes will be highly considered for the final schedule – although the Denver Startup Week committee has final say in what makes the cut.

Curious to see what we’re interested in sharing with the Denver community this September? Check out all of our panels and a quick description of each topic below. Be sure to vote and let us know which are your favorites!

Make the Most of a Comms or Marketing Program with Limited Resources

Public relations, branding, blogs, podcasts, content creation, advertising, media buying, paid and organic social media, messaging, analyst relations, and more. It can be a challenge to do it all, especially with limited time, money, and bandwidth. So, what should your startup prioritize when building a formal communications or marketing program? This session will bring panelists from various communications, marketing, digital advertising, and creative and design functions together to provide insight, perspective, and direction on how startups can create effective communications and marketing programs that meet their unique business needs with the resources they have.

Bringing out the Entrepreneurial Mindset on Your Team

In this day and age, we’ve become accustomed to talking about entrepreneurs in a very elevated way. The tech industry has reshaped our understanding of entrepreneur to mean someone from Silicon Valley or someone who has designed a new app that revolutionizes the way we live our lives. However, some form of this inclination towards invention and innovation can be found in nearly everyone. And while there might not be a Steve Jobs or Elon Musk waiting to awaken in each of us, we all have some aspect of this creativity to share. This session will focus on how to find the entrepreneurial mindset within yourself and your team, and how to foster it for good.

Make Your Company Podcast Kick Ass

You can have the best equipment in the world, a fantastic topic, an interesting angle, and an eager audience. Even with all that going for you, a dud interview can kill the momentum of your podcast. This session will dive into how to make every single interview spectacular, covering the steps company podcasts should follow, such as determining when to incorporate a podcast into your marketing mix, doing your homework, preparing interviewees to give their best answers, and identifying the link between your guest and your audience. All of them combine into one amazing extension of your business.

Diamond in the rough: A marketer’s guide to data mining

In the era of Cambridge Analytica, #DeleteFacebook, and General Data Protection Regulations, conversations around data mining are often cringe-worthy. Consumers’ personal data is critical information that can easily cause controversy if improperly used. So how can startups use data mining techniques to support actionable marketing initiatives without compromising ethics? During this session, industry experts will discuss the basics of data mining, the current regulatory and landscape surrounding user data, and how to utilize data to advance your startup’s marketing and communication goals.

#Curated: What Your Social Channels Say About Your Brand

How many of you look at a restaurant’s Instagram before you decide whether or not to eat there? Chances are, the restaurant that shares thoughtful content and has a distinct look and feel will always win your business. All eyes have moved online, so it’s imperative that your brand not only have a presence there but create a strong and consistent identity. In this session, we’ll talk with some of Denver’s most creative social media gurus to find out how they found success, why curated content matters, tips for creating a cohesive look and feel, and what mistakes to avoid.

Talking the Talk: Figuring Out What Investors Want to Hear

Speaking with investors can be one of the most daunting tasks you face as a founder. While you know the ins and outs of your company, telling that story in a way that resonates with investors requires a nuanced understanding of what firms are looking to hear – and it’s not always what you think. In this panel, representatives from every facet of the investor conversation will discuss how to communicate effectively throughout the entire investor process, from how to meet the right investors to ways to best communicate your differentiators and how to align your goals with theirs. Hear from a diverse panel of experts that has experienced every side of a relationship and learn actionable insights for better engaging with the funding community.

And while you’re at it, show some love to our Denver-based clients, Choozle and Visible, who both submitted some great panels for consideration as well!

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