Complex Stories Made Simple

  • October 22, 2010
  • Starr Million Baker

We did a quick focus group here in the office a few weeks back to ascertain who does a great job telling their story online. What we found was that we like flash, though used “responsibly” (Toyota), we love sites that tell complex stories in understandable, yet compelling ways (Ted) and kudos to the company that can boil it down and then bubble it back up again (GSD&M). Of course, websites are a bit like art – very subjective – but overall, we gave high marks to sites that had intuitive navigation and cleanly told a complex story the best.

These are our top 10 – what are some of yours?

Toyota, Ted, Central Market, Jones Soda, Starbucks, Whymilk, Dr. Pepper, GSD&M, Evernote, BAA

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