Committed to Communication

  • July 28, 2016
  • Starr Million Baker

I recently had the opportunity to spend time with 16 executives of the Bluetooth SIG, the trade association that creates and promotes Bluetooth technology (and also holds the title of INK’s first client). We were leading the group through our media training and spokesperson program for the 3rd time in 18 months. Yep, that’s right, the SIG commits to a regular cadence of media training. And it’s not about a commitment to “positioning” or how to “dodge” questions – to the contrary, it’s part of the SIG’s overall commitment to communication.

What started as a way to get executives on board with handling media interviews has become a part of a larger aspiration – sharing the Bluetooth technology story as consistently, emphatically, widely, and interestingly as possible. Media training (or spokesperson training, or whatever it’s called in your neck of the woods) is a natural step in that progression.

This commitment to communication has turned in some sweet results for the Bluetooth SIG. Bluetooth is known worldwide, with brand recognition among consumers just north of 90% globally. The trade association recently surpassed THIRTY THOUSAND members who are building products with Bluetooth. And the 5th version of the technology, promising 2x’s the speed, 5x’s the range, and 8x’s the capacity, is on the horizon.

Communication isn’t engineering, but it is the glue that holds all of these things together and informs members of the latest technology advances and consumers of all the amazing ways Bluetooth can make their lives easier. It’s an integral part of what Bluetooth is all about. And none of us would even know about it without the SIG’s clear commitment to communication – be it internal and external newsletters, media pushes, member emails, media training, social media campaigns, content creation, etc. Kudos to you, Bluetooth communications team. Keep it up!

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