Commander in Social Media

  • August 30, 2012
  • INK Team

This post comes from INK alumna Micaela Whalen.

Oh yes, it’s a presidential election year. And this week, with the influence of the Internet carrying a central theme at the National Republican Convention and President Obama taking to Reddit for an “Ask me Anything” session during his opponent’s biggest fête, it begs the question: will our next Commander in Chief be chosen not solely by their politics, per say, but by their performance on social media stages and internet news platforms?

Many political analysts estimate that Americans, particularly women and those key independent voters, will be influenced more than ever by web-based platforms like blogs, social media and news websites with an interactive component. Most voters likely already know which candidate will win their vote, and no doubt some are passionate enough to use these mediums to draw influence and evangelists to get behind “their” candidate.

MSNBC’s Richard Lui breaks down the social media outlets for both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions: 2012 – a social media election

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