Combatting TMI with Gist

  • March 28, 2011
  • INK Team

In my previous blog, I wrote that one of the prevalent themes discussed at this year’s SXSW Interactive was how our increasingly digital and socially networked lives have set us all up for information overload. I promised to write about technologies I learned about at the event that would help overcome this problem. Sooo…ironically, I got a little information overload with all panels at SXSW and attended those that were (while excellent) off this topic. HOWEVER, there is one tool I’ve been trying for a while that addresses the problem of TMI by wrangling, into one place, all the areas your professional contacts exist digitally.

Gist aggregates contacts from your email, address books and social media websites to create rich profiles. These profiles include fingertip access to the latest news, blog posts, tweets, Facebook updates, etc., associated with each contact. There are numerous ways professionals can use this. Being a PR pro, I use Gist to keep a close eye on my top tier journalists and industry influencers. For example, when I click on the profile of digital media blogger, Dave Zatz, I can see at a glance and in one place what he has recently blogged about, published in various online outlets, tweeted or posted on Facebook. Hopefully, I see something that is relevant and I reach out to Dave and/or share a useful industry insight with my team. I try to grab a few minutes first thing in the morning to look through key contacts within Gist and without fail, something useful always turns up. Furthermore, I expect it to become a standard part of my due diligence before pitching a reporter on a client’s next big announcement.

It wasn’t SXSW where I learned about Gist but the Austin Women in Technology’s Women’s Business Conference back in February from the social media savvy, communications specialist, Deb Robison. So, thanks Deb! Hope others out there find this as useful as I have.