Cheers to Our Boss Ladies

  • October 16, 2014
  • INK Team

Michael Scott may be the “World’s Best Boss,” but we’re lucky enough to have THREE of them here at INK.

In honor of Boss’s Day today, we want to give a sappy shout out to the ladies that keep the heart and soul of INK running every day.

Starr – your love of the latest and greatest in tech keeps us organized and helps us set our high INK standard. We really don’t know how you (or Kari or Blair) run a business, be a great mom to your little ones and still have time to kick back and have a beer with us. You rock.

Kari – we not only love that you bring our INK mascot, Monkey, to the office, but you always bring the most creative ideas to the table and can out-wordsmith anyone, any day. Thank you for being our INK cheerleader.

Blair – your motivational coffee mugs really get us through the day. Thanks for being the queen of client services, always having the answer to every problem and for making sure the beer fridge and pantries are stocked.

Even though today is boss’s day, every other day is employees’ day at INK. You three take amazing care of us, and we take notice. Whether you’re treating us to an INK retreat floating on the Guadalupe River, we’re having happy hour in the office, or you’re making sure we have access to the best tools that help us do our job – iPhone 6 day, holla! – we really do appreciate it.

Thank you for your open door policy and your willingness to chat about anything and everything, serious or silly. You have our backs and we know that when work gets tough, you’ll stick through it with us – even into the wee hours of the night. Your passion for PR, our clients, INK and US is so obvious and inspiring.

Today’s dedicated to you, Starr, Kari and Blair. Cheers to you three kick-ass boss ladies.


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