CES 2013 – The Second Time Around

  • January 15, 2013
  • Candice Eng

Last year I provided an account of my first adventure at CES. I wrapped up my second CES feeling more seasoned and better prepared, but I still gained plenty of new insights.

First, a look at what hasn’t changed about CES: Your feet will still hurt. You’ll never get much sleep. (Even a two hour time difference will leave you feeling jetlagged.) You can’t possibly consume enough water or put enough lotion and chapstick on to fight the dessert dryness. CES is still a sensory overload with smartphones, TVs, gadgets and the ever-present question of “what’s that?”


Sophomore insights …

Be prepared… to go with the flow and for change. Anything you finalize is not final until the last minute and maybe not even then. Changes are going to happen. Things won’t be perfect. So don’t fret.

Know the people who will make your life easier. Connect with them early and be super duper nice to them and say thank you (i.e. the business center and your event contact).

Always learn something new. Even the folks who were going to their 10th year of CES will find new ways to do things for not only next year’s CES, but also for other aspects their clients’ programs.

Stay social. Keep an eye out your Twitter and pull a list of media, companies and other influencers you want to keep an eye on for the show. It’s a great way to see what the trends are, what’s catching media interest, what media are up to and to join in the conversation.

Oldies but Goodies. CES may be all about seeing the “new”, but it’s also a walk down Tech and Gadget Memory Lane. Check out this blast from the past CES photo album from The Verge. Also, with all the smart watches that have come out (MetaWatch, Pebble, Cookoo, etc., 2013 could be the big year for the accessory that will do more than keep time. However, lots of media folks were reminiscing the first smart watch that came out nearly a decade ago. Remember, Microsoft’s SPOT watch? The Smart Personal Object Technology allowed people to pull information to their watches such as sports scores, weather, and instant messages via FM radio waves.

What I’ve come to appreciate about shows like these is the constant innovation. Working in tech has really allowed me to appreciate and be in awe of what people and companies are bringing the industry and to our lives. Just check out some of the finalists from The Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards this year.

To wrap things up, here are some other cool (and wacky) things we saw out of CES:

  • Tethercell – Connecting you to the battery-powered things in your life, and via Bluetooth switch those devices on and off, track battery charge and much more!
  • HAPIfork – A fork to help you lose weight by reminding you eat slower.
  • Oh and an iPotty – Yes, an iPad to on a toilet to help kids potty train. (Still iffy on this one.)

For the battery-powered things in your life

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