CES 2012 Notes from the Field: Which Media Event?

  • January 8, 2012
  • Starr Million Baker

It’s Day 1 (or -2 from an official standpoint) here in sunny (and slightly cold) Las Vegas. On tap for INK today – picking up reporters from the airport so they can skip the massive cab line, and we can get face-time for client Bluetooth SIG along the way. This program, in its 5th year now, continues to be a successful way to get time with the media at this ridiculously crowded show without the budget-busting cost of a booth.

When I have them trapped – as this program allows – I like to get some info from our media contacts as well. Today’s question: CES Unveiled, Pepcom, or ShowStoppers, and why? Here’s the synopsis:

– Reporters like to go to CES Unveiled at this show (there’s also a pre-holiday event in NYC that is less attended) because it’s the FIRST opportunity to get their news. This is huge advantage, of course.

– That said, they all also like to go to Pepcom. While they feel they have to go to CES Unveiled (not sure why, but okay), they actually want to go to Pepcom. “We’ll see a couple of good things at CES Unveiled, but will be working all night at Pepcom,” said Eric Zeman of Phone Scoop. The caliber of companies plus the food, booze, and stellar organization were all cited as positives of the Pepcom experience.

– The consensus on Showstoppers? Smaller companies (“that I don’t cover”), not a well-run event, not the newsworthy stuff, not worth my time was the consensus of the media I spoke with. Taking place on the night of the first day of CES is also a pretty big strike against the event (the good stuff all happens pre-show it seems).

So if you’re wondering which media event to participate in next year, consider the above. We’ve been big fans of Pepcom for our clients for many of the reasons listed above and will recommend them again.