CES 2011 – Walk Your Socks Off

  • January 6, 2011
  • Starr Million Baker

Here at CES, in order to showcase the use of Bluetooth in fitness devices (currently just using classic Bluetooth, but in short order – this year! – will be using Bluetooth v4.0 with low energy) we set up a fitness challenge to crown the most active blogger/reporter (or client, or PR person, as the case may be) at the show. Using the BodyMedia armband that tracks steps and sends the count to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, we’re finding out just how many steps it takes to get to around this town during this annual orgy of consumer electronics devices, whims and wishes.

Here are the participants – check them out on Twitter to find out how they’re doing. So far, Kevin Tofel with GigaOm seems to be kicking butt…

Eric Zeman, Phone Scoop, @phonescooper

John Biggs, CrunchGear, @johnbiggs

Mari Silbey, Zatz Not Funny, @msilbey

Matt Hamblen, Computerworld, @matthamblen

Lucy Hedges, Stuff.tv, @lucyhedges

Ross Rubin, NPD Group, @rossrubin

Enid Burns, KinectShift.com, @enidburns

Michael Reyes, Hardware Geeks, @HWGeeks

Radiris Diaz, Cute Geek, @cutegeek

Lance Ulanoff, PC Magazine, @lanceulanoff

Brian Westbrook, Newsradio 750 KXL, @BMW

Rob Pegoraro, Washington Post, @robpegoraro

Kevin Tofel, GigaOm, @kevinctofel

Mike Foley, Bluetooth SIG, @wirelessmike

Blair Poloskey, INK PR, @poloskey

Jennifer Lopez, INK PR, @jen_lopez

Helen Rodriguez, INK PR, @helenrod

It’s Vegas so place your bets!