Celebrate Your Milestones, Big and Small

  • April 26, 2009
  • Starr Million Baker

There are not many things I consider more fun than celebrating milestones. My friends and family will confirm that it’s not a birthDAY in my world, but rather a fun-filled fiesta month of celebration. And with a thriving company and new daughter, there is always cause for celebration.

Professionally, my baby, INK, turned 5 on January 12. Not being one to let milestones go by without a celebration, the whole team enjoyed a wonderful sushi dinner at Nobu at CES in Las Vegas – and continued the celebration with an outstanding trip to that largest consumer electronics show in the world on behalf of our client, the Bluetooth SIG.

The INK team at CES 2009 in Vegas, celebrating 5 years of amazing miletones.

The INK team at CES 2009 in Vegas, celebrating 5 years of amazing miletones.

Personally, my baby, Georgia, will turn one on May 22. I’ve been planning her party this weekend and also clapping all day long as she practices that other big milestone she just passed – walking.

These are the big ones – the birthdays, anniversaries, and big moments in life that mark a step closer to independence. But these big ones have me thinking of the “small” ones too. What about the day that reporter at the Wall Street Journal said “Yes, I’d love to speak to your client, that’s a great idea”; or the time your client said, “You’re right, that’s exactly how we should tackle this campaign.” Or when your colleague gets recognized by the an industry guru for being great at what she does. These are all important milestones too and should be celebrated.

If you pay attention, I bet you could find at least one milestone a day that means you’re growing, learning, achieving. Now that’s cause for celebration. Go ahead, think about it and share one here. We’re happy to raise a glass. 😉

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