Brands, Meet a New Era of Content Creation

  • September 10, 2012
  • INK Team

Our society revolves around consumption. Not just food, music and clothes—but content. We love content and brands know it. Beyond ads and blogs, brands are finding new and clever ways to make content that you actually want to consume. Some of the most successful new content comes down to originality, opportunity to engage, and the emotions they evoke.

Useful Apps
This week, Visa released a Tooth Fairy app to help parents value their children’s lost teeth based on demographics like age, gender, location, household income and education level. They found a clever way to use data at their disposal—a way that is not only interesting, but is also interactive and useful. Through apps like this, brands are penetrating new parts of our lives and making themselves valuable in ways we never before expected.

Viral Videos
Make a successful viral video and you’ve hit the jackpot. The Dollar Shave Club had a “f***ing great” launch last spring by producing a witty YouTube video with just the right amount of risqué. It spread around the Internet like wildfire. I saw the video when it first came out. While I couldn’t remember the exact name of “Dollar Shave Club,” I remembered enough to Google “viral shaving video,” resulting in pages of just what I was looking for. Lessons here? Brands should look into what turns on their target audience (in this case, humor), tap into their favorite mediums (in this case, YouTube/Internet) and be ready to go all in.

Online and Mobile Games
Walmart and The Avengers teamed up in April to debut a game that combines in-store experiences with a mobile app. Players downloaded the app onto their phone, searched Walmart stores for specific signage and aimed their phone at the signage to unlock super hero powers for the game. This was a unique play by Walmart and The Avengers, combining reality with augmented game play. Once-passive consumers became active players who chose to involve themselves with the brands.