Going Beyond the Blog: Content that Lasts

  • August 25, 2016
  • Gabbie Mehan

A company’s blog can be one of its most important marketing assets. However, often times companies churn out content for the sake of content without asking themselves an important question: what is my audience looking to gain from this? Our client Datapipe’s blog is an excellent example of how featuring engaging content that is focused on adding value for its audience, has driven it beyond the blog to become a credible industry resource.

Being a next-generation managed services provider for the cloud, Datapipe utilizes its blog as a platform to share industry perspectives, tips, and best practices, as well as a platform to further drive its thought leadership in the space. Datapipe’s blog ties very closely to its brand without being overly self-promotional. This can be a hard balance to strike, but is achieved through the blog’s tone of voice and content.

Datapipe’s blog content is driven by its audience’s interests, questions, and needs first and foremost. By identifying common challenges in the industry, like enabling DevOps in an enterprise or considerations to keep in mind when migrating data to the AWS cloud, Datapipe is able to share its deep industry expertise with its audience. Part of Datapipe’s success as a company is its ability to be proactive and willingness to collaborate with its peers. This holds true in its blog content as well, with most posts including links to 3rd party resources to further educate readers. The overall goal for Datapipe’s blog is to add value for their audience beyond its products and services, which is central to being a true thought leader.

The blog aims to be a timely, educational resource for Datapipe’s audience, which requires posting regularly. Maintaining a consistent blog posting schedule is key to establishing and growing an audience. Datapipe lends itself as a reliable and constant source for information by averaging 4-5 blog posts a week. To avoid the common pitfall of posting content for contents sake, Datapipe keeps a close eye on social media and industry news to stay apprised of what its audience is talking about and opportunities to explore these conversations further in blog posts. Another way to connect the dots for readers and provide historical context around a topic is through internal linking to previous blog content that is relevant to the conversation at hand. Internal linking encourages readers to explore the site further, while also helping on the SEO front and improving on the website’s structure.

To be an industry resource, a blog should not be posted to your website and forgotten. You need to share the blog with your key audiences and find ways to get more mileage out of the content. Datapipe regularly shares its blogs across its social channels, furthering engagement and conversation around the content. Is the blog discussing a recent ZDNet article? Tagging the publication in a social post with a link to the blog is a great way to drive engagement with the publication and the publication’s readers. Repurposing and updating timely blog content on platforms like Medium is another way to reach a new audience with your industry perspective. Blogs that resonate particularly well and garner conversation are also clues to topics that will likely resonate well with the media. Using blog topics as fodder for proactive media relations is another strategy to keep driving your brand’s thought leadership forward.

How do you gauge if your blog is on track to becoming a valuable industry resource? As Datapipe’s content became more focused on serving its audience’s interests and exploring hot industry topics, its blog traffic only continued to grow month over month. Additionally, social posts sharing blog content began receiving more engagement and sparking further conversations. A testament to the blog becoming a valuable industry resource was when the company began receiving inbound requests to author guest blogs for other sites.

Having a thoughtful and relevant blog is important for building your brand’s credibility in the space. By making yourself an industry resource beyond your product, you’re building important relationships with not only your clients, but also your peers. Datapipe’s blog has become a key channel for the company to connect with its audience in a new way and to continue helping guide customers’ cloud journeys beyond its services. Through thoughtful and engaging content that keeps your audience top of mind, you’re able to drive your blog even further, in turn creating a resource that builds and shares true thought leadership with your key audiences.

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