Best Place to Work? Yep, That’s INK!

  • December 1, 2015
  • Starr Million Baker

Today INK was honored by PR Week, our industry’s top publication, as one of the three best small agencies at which to work in the US. WHAT?!? We’ve won several awards over the years, including Best Place to Work in Austin five years running, but this one is a big deal. And here’s why:

Kari and I founded this company because we wanted to do our best work. We wanted to work with clients we chose, and with whom we could build a partnership (like the Bluetooth SIG, our first client and still our client today). We wanted to excel at what we did, we wanted to always learn and grow, and we wanted to create a place where we could achieve work-life balance. While we sometimes joke that was a naïve position for entrepreneurs to take, we’ve actually been able to make it work. So let’s talk about that one for a second.

At INK, work-life balance does not mean you will always work 9-5 and you will never be stressed out trying to finish a project or make a client happy. It does mean that sometimes you’ll be slammed and you’ll have a team around you ready to help, and sometimes you’ll get a breather and your team will also be there then, ready to help you take the time you should. The PR Week article stated that we have a “familial sense of teamwork” in our spirit at INK, and I’m so proud of that. We have each others’ backs, we want each other to succeed, and we want each other to enjoy their lives. It works!

The shorthand version of our mission statement is this: Good work with good people makes for a good life. Love that we’re living this mission daily. Thank you to our team for feeling it too. GO INK!

From PR Week’s December edition, Best Places to Work 2015, Small Agencies, INK PR:

A familial sense of teamwork is the spirit at INK PR, and that is rooted in the theory that trust and admiration inspires creativity. “This was palpable as I read responses from INK employees,” says one judge. Another adds: “INK has a collaborative and creative vibe. It’s a work-hard, play-harder agency where people thrive and learn, all at the same time.”

Employees gave high marks for INK’s wide array of professional-development and career-advancement opportunities, citing among other things, cross-function training, mentoring programs, and effective team-building exercises. They also note being given a clear path to career advancement, with many opportunities for taking on roles with greater authority.

“There is an emphasis on professional and personal growth of all staff,” says one judge.

Employees also praise an office environment that gets people excited to come in and work, with perks and amenities including on-site gym and pool at its Austin, Texas, head office, annual retreats, celebratory team lunches, and birthdays off.

Furthermore, INK received highest praise for keeping up to date on tech, including company-provided MacBook Airs and iPhones with service paid in full.

Notes one judge: “Providing employees with the best, most current technology – not only to service clients, but also to provide the ability to work from home – was by far the strongest of any agency surveyed.”

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