Best New iPad Feature? Bluetooth 4.0

  • March 16, 2012
  • Starr Million Baker
  1. Last week, right before the world turned its attention to SXSW, it spent the better part of March 7 with its eyes on Cupertino and the “new iPad.” Retina display? Check. iPhoto for iPad? Double check. Bluetooth 4.0? Absolutely – though you wouldn’t have known it if not for quick work by INK.


    We recommended a “coat tails” media strategy: riding on the interest in and news around the new iPad, we pointed out – via media pitches and a fast turnaround press release, that the new iPad was the world’s first Bluetooth Smart Ready tablet. Over 40 original articles showed the media was getting the message – pull-through of our three main points (first Bluetooth Smart Ready tablet; benefit = low energy; benefit = expanding ecosystem) was extensive. Read for yourself:

  2. Brian Bennett’s tweet around his CNet story was retweeted over 50 times and reached 31,857 people. Nice.

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    New iPad first tablet with Bluetooth 4.0: Should you care? via @CNET
    Mon, Mar 12 2012 20:38:53
  4. An added bonus was excitement created by the news in the healthcare space, a priority vertical for the Bluetooth message. One interview turned into one story, which turned into a multitude of tweets and a tweet reach of over 49K – very nice.

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    The new iPad’s inclusion of Bluetooth 4.0 position it to be your mobile health hub… by @healthgrid via @imedicalapps
    Mon, Mar 12 2012 20:02:56
  6. Our Bluetooth SIG client said “It was one of the most successful media campaigns I’ve been a part of in my career.” High praise – and we aspire to keep it up.