Austin Lives Green

  • October 12, 2010
  • INK Team

It is no surprise that Austin prides itself on being a leader in the green industry. We are often topping the charts of U.S. cities doing their part to reduce the national carbon footprint. So when 75,000 music-lovers pack into Zilker Park for a 3-day festival each year, the city of Austin really has to step up their game. I have to say, this year I think they did a fantastic job.

Walking into the park grounds, it was hard to not be impressed with the amount of bikes lining the roads. I’m lucky enough to live within walking distance of the grounds, but was slightly jealous of those cruising past me on my trek to Barton Springs. With thousands of bike rack spaces available, it was pretty awesome to see the entire lot full. Green power at its finest…and a great way to burn those calories from the Imperials and Mighty Cones.

How else did ACL go green?

Rock and Recycle: Fill one green plastic bag with cans and water cartons and receive a free ACL souvenir t-shirt. This was the trade-in at Rock and Recycle, a program aimed at keeping this year’s ACL show 100% carbon neutral.

Refillable Water Stations: Free water refilling stations were available for attendees to refill their own bottles (or purchase an ACL aluminum container), keeping piles of plastic bottles from collecting all over ACL Festival grounds, AND keeping music fans hydrated.

Chip in and Offset: For those wanting to go that extra mile, a $3 ACLMF Green Mountain Energy fan tag could be purchased to offset your travel to/from the show. This $3 gets you 300 kWh of renewable energy credits which offsets 339 pounds of CO2 emissions that contribute to global warming. Putting that into perspective – the equivalent of:

– Not driving a car 433 miles, or

– Not flying 1375 miles, or

– The annual eco-benefit of 24 trees

Jamming out for 3 days while helping to keep our city green? Rock on, Austin.

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