Add social media fuel with PitchEngine

  • November 30, 2010
  • INK Team

PitchEngine is one of the more exciting tools I’ve seen come along to really boost pitch efforts on the social media front. It’s something we are trialing and I believe we will more formally use in the future to augment the traditional wire press release distribution. In fact, some agencies rely solely on PitchEngine.

The PitchEngine platform is optimized to push your release or (in PitchEngine talk) “your pitch” direct to bloggers and consumers in addition to traditional journalists (who are the primary focus of the traditional wire services). No need for me to educate you folks on the virtues of putting your news directly in front of the consumer to let them spread the word to peers, but PitchEngine also enables you to easily combine another “must have” resource for the modern day pitch…multimedia assets. Video, images, slide decks, etc. can be included in your pitch and then hosted in a microsite that can then be easily shared via social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and more. Furthermore, PitchEngine has created its platform to give your pitch big time SEO fuel in the major search engines. Some distribution services offer similar services, but nothing as sleek as PitchEngine’s offering and not for the same bang for your buck.

Our initial trial went well. We were pleased with the results and hope to use it in new and creative ways moving forward. Anyone out there tried out PitchEngine and/or have suggestions for using it to achieve great things?

2 responses to “Add social media fuel with PitchEngine”

  1. Thanks for the great post Beth!
    It’s so cool to see PR pros beginning to see through the traditional rhetoric. Simply put, press releases are not social. They don’t get anymore conversational by putting “share buttons” on them – you have to write for your audience, and make it engaging with multimedia, etc., – enter PitchEngine!
    I look forward to seeing more of your content being shared around the social web!
    Good luck to you and your Austin gals!
    @jasonkintzler, pitchengine

  2. Jason,

    I’m really looking forward to playing with PitchEngine more. I believe there is no end to new and creative ways to make pitching ever more engaging. I’ll be sure to follow you and stay tuned to your blog for tips, tricks and suggestions. Best of luck with your creation!

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