A little shout out…

  • December 14, 2010
  • Blair Poloskey

As someone who lives on the client services side of the world, I really appreciate good customer service. I feel like INK offers exceptional customer service (and, it turns out, our clients agree – based on feedback in our recent client survey) and I expect equal service from anyone I work with.

It is rare, honestly, that I can say I experience great customer service. But I do have a vendor I have been working with lately that deserves serious credit. Linda Nessim-Rubin with Design Concept and Living in Digital Times is the BOMB. Seriously, if any of my PR peeps out there want to feel safe and secure with their tradeshow presence – and who doesn’t want that, right? – call Linda. Find a way to work with Robin Raskin and the Living in Digital Times folks.

Time and time again Linda has taken late night calls from me (so sorry!), has gotten me information on the fly, has dealt with last minute changes and ridiculous requests (remember how I said we DID NOT want to participate in that one thing and the deadline was three weeks ago, maybe now we do) – and has done so with a positive attitude and without being a yes man. She has pushed back when she was right – and I honestly believe her advice has been dead-on perfect for my client.

Sometimes you have to give credit where credit is due. These folks know what is what and they are doing awesome work. Go check ’em out. And come check us all out at CES.

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