A Letter to INK

  • November 10, 2010
  • Helen Murphy

Dear INK,

Sometimes it is hard being the new girl.  You wonder if you will fit in, if people will like you, if they will make fun of your clothes.  You wonder if your work is good enough… if you are good enough.

INK, you’ve made it easy being the new girl.

Since I started working here three months ago, I have learned so many new things.

I have learned to slow down, focus on quality over quantity and how to build meaningful, lasting relationships with clients and reporters.  I have learned what it means to provide really stellar client relations and what it means to feel passionate about the clients you represent.

INK, thanks for taking the time to get to know me as a person – to find out about my interests, my strengths and weaknesses and my personal life. Thanks for not making (too much) fun of me the day I was late for work because there was a GIANT tarantula hanging out in front of my house.

I feel lucky that I get to work with a group of really strong, smart women that share my interests (music, running), passions (books) and quirks (mispronouncing words and irrational fears).

INK, I have gained five pounds since I started working here.  I blame you.

It is exciting and refreshing to work at a company that practices what they preach, that cares about work-life balance, that listens to my ideas.  Thank you for that!

You have made it so easy for this new girl to feel comfortable and at home.   I look forward to working, laughing and learning with you, INK.



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