A few words about link bait OR Why person of X age, X gender, X height cannot possibly be successful

  • August 20, 2012
  • Blair Poloskey

I have two thoughts on all of these “articles” being released online with ridiculous link-bait titles. Two. That is it. Only two.

First, you (general internet people) freak out, comment, repost the link, get your friends fired up, write a rebuttal piece, etc., etc., etc. – you just did exactly what the author wanted. Seriously, exactly what they wanted. No one titles their rational thoughts with inflamitory, obviously stereotypical blanket statements because they believe them to be 100% true. I am all for a little link-bait titling – I don’t think it is a bad way to go. As clearly, it works well. But if you are really and truly bothered by what someone says, in the world of the online, the best punishment is to ignore it completely.

Second, the reason why you get so offended, folks, is because you know there is some truth hidden in that article with the nasty title. You know it. That author knows it. The rest of your generation (be it the old folks like me or the young whipper-snappers fresh out of college) knows it. We all know it. I hear ya – I don’t have the same natural, used it all of my young-adult life, experience with social media channels. Teaching an old dog new tricks IS hard. Just like it is harder to learn a foreign language later in life – doesn’t mean it can’t be done. People who make sweeping stereotypical statements are more broadcasting their own idiocy than actually pointing to any real fault of mine. But I would be equally ignorant if I jumped to making an opposing stereotypical statement. Just brings me right down to their level. And it would be ridiculous of me to not try my best to understand why/what my nay-sayers were saying about me. Because the only way to prove them wrong is to understand their position.

Those are my two thoughts. What are yours?