Five Types of Blogging Content

  • August 28, 2013
  • INK Team

Whether you work in PR, marketing or social media, one message rings true: content is king. There’s no better way to show off your brand than by executing a strong content marketing strategy with a consistent blogging schedule. The trouble is, most businesses find it difficult to write blog posts.  Here are a few ideas to help spark blog post content for your business:

1.          Make a list

People love to read lists. They’re easily digestable, quick to read and allow readers to skip to the parts they care about. Draw readers in with the following types of lists or check out social content aggregator BuzzFeed for list inspiration:

  • Top 10 ___________
  • 5 Best ___________
  • 10 Reasons to ___________
  • 6 Ways to ___________
  • 3 Signs That You ___________


2.          Share a video

Video is exponentially growing. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Twitter and Instagram recently introduced video to their apps. SnapChat is a video app phenomenon. You most likely already have the tools you need to make a video: a smartphone or laptop with a camera. That’s it. You don’t even need fancy editing software, though it certainly helps to create professional-looking videos. Make sure to keep your videos short – under one minute, if possible. You can introduce members of your team, share new products and product features and even give your viewers an office tour. For more vlogging encouragement, learn from popular vloggers Chris Prillo, iJustine and Judy (It’s Judy’s Life).


3.          Write a review

Share a book review, product review or vendor business review with readers. People enjoy reading others’ opinions and these types of posts tend to position your business as original and independent thinking. Share the positives – and negatives, if any – of the thing you’re reviewing and hold true to your opinion. Google has some insightful advice for writing a respectful review.


4.         Post an infographic

In a perfect world, your business could create an infographic for every interesting bit of information your heart desires. But, we know that creating an infographic can take hours of time, talent and money. Instead, tap into a couple of these resources to find an infographic related to your business and share on your blog. Be sure to write an insightful blurb to go along with your infographic and don’t forget to attribute the infographic to its original source.


5.          Profile an influencer

Interview an employee, executive or well-known professional in your field and publish on your blog with a Q&A format. There’s nothing easier than recording a five minute interview on your phone (personal favorite recording app: Audio Memos) and having it transcribed for less than $15. We like using SpeechPad.

If your company doesn’t have a blog quite yet, take a look at a couple reasons why it should in a blog post by INK intern, Hadley Million.

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