5 Things To Do Before You Graduate

  • January 10, 2014
  • INK Team

This post comes from graphic design and social media intern Ryan Riggins.

On January 6th, while many college students were still enjoying their winter breaks – some stuck in them due to the Polar Vortex – BuzzFeed shared “32 Signs You’re Graduating In May”. Although I have already graduated, I was intrigued.  As usual, the list was a fairly accurate portrayal of the rollercoaster ride that is your final semester of college, colorfully decorated with memes and animated .gif’s, all wrapped up with the encouragement, “You got this”.

While it’s a wonderful sentiment, “you got this” just doesn’t cut it for me. Therefore, I’d like to offer my own list of practical things you can do BEFORE you graduate that will hopefully make the transition into post-grad life a little simpler.

1. Know what you enjoy doing: Jobs require a variety of tasks and skills. If you know which skills you enjoy doing (i.e.: organization, communication, research, analysis, management, etc.) it’s likely there is a role for you to fill. Plus, enjoying what you do goes a long way in a job.

2. Know what you could do better: You may see them as weaknesses or things you’re not good at, but really they are opportunities for you to improve yourself. Turn those weaknesses into areas for growth and development.

3. Organize your résumé and learn to write a cover letter: It’s likely that your university has some sort of career center where people can help you build a résumé and provide pointers for a good cover letter. Take advantage of this opportunity to ensure your résumé and cover letter are the best they can be.

4. Consider where you want to be: Whether you want to stay in your college town, go back home or move somewhere new, think about where you want to be and explore companies in that city. I’d recommend using LinkedIn as a search tool to find companies in specific areas.

5. Take advantage of social media: When you find a company you want to work for, follow them on social media, read the things they post, and look out for job openings. Think it’s a waste of time? I found my current job on Twitter.