3 Things Every PR Pro Needs to Know About Social Media

  • July 12, 2012
  • INK Team

This is a guest post from our intern Rachael Shappard. Follow her on Twitter at @RachaelShappard.

Since starting at INK, I’ve gone from a tech novice to a tech guru. It’s incredible how very few people know about the tech world, aside from those working in the industry. None of my friends knew about the LinkedIn breach that happened a few weeks ago, except for me. It blew me away how such an important industry story could go unnoticed from everyone around me. When asking friends about it, they were shocked to know this had happened, making me feel like a tech PR whiz. Much of the LinkedIn breach coverage took place on social media, bringing me to my next point – Social Media 101.

During the duration of my internship, my INK coordinators came up with a fabulous idea – INKtern Insights. What are INKtern Insights you might ask? They are valuable learning workshops that showcase INK’s strategic knowledge in the PR industry. INK experts gather around the kitchen table to share advice on what they’ve learned regarding that week’s selected topic. This week we discussed “Social Media 101.” Here are three useful tips that every PR pro should know:

Follow a reporter or blog on Twitter for social media news – Before starting at INK I didn’t have a Twitter account, but immediately signed up for one. Learning so much about the tech & PR industry in general is fascinating, but especially when learning about it through Twitter. INK provided me with several outlets as a starting point, which I have since expanded on through my daily news coverage for clients.

View a reporter’s Twitter or blog to discover what they aren’t writing about – You’ll be thoroughly prepared when it comes time to pitch for a client, by bringing a fresh perspective to the table. It’s critical to stand out to reporters because they receive the same story ideas daily, so make yours stick.

Engage clients via Twitter – When a client decides to utilize social media for PR efforts, make sure the company’s voice is clearly established. Engaging clients in discussions with its followers will bring authenticity to the company, by connecting with followers on a more personal level.

For more tips on using social media in the PR industry, here is an example from Business 2 Community.

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