2017: A Weird Year in Review

  • January 2, 2018
  • Kari Hernandez

2017 was a remarkable year in a lot of terrible and terrific ways. For INKers, it was a year of strange firsts and milestones we thought we’d never reach. We were pushed out of our comfort zones where interesting, awesome stuff happens. So instead of closing out the year with some impressive stats (I’m too tired for numbers), I thought I’d summarize with a list of things our staff did this year that they never expected to do. . .for work. . .or ever.

    1. Being excited to read articles about crickets and emulsified meat.
    2. Witnessing multiple people get permanent tattoos of my client’s logos.
    3. Visiting the Kennedy Space Center for a pitch.
    4. Flying a drone with my face and not crashing.
    5. Delivering an industry analysis of supply chain in aerospace, in four hours.
    6. Receiving a marriage proposal from a crazed Jeff Bezos fan in a client’s Facebook message inbox.
    7. Baking a vegan pumpkin pie.
    8. Taking an introductory sommelier course.
    9. Media training over 30 wind plant technicians.
    10. Seeing one of our favorite clients get acquired (tear).
    11. Watching the premiere of a client’s film.
    12. Having an iguana perch on my shoulder – shout out to Tiny Tails.
    13. Travelling everywhere with a Thirsty Goat Amber stowed away for impromptu photoshoots. 🍻
    14. Going to a renewable energy conference in Lincoln, Nebraska and sitting next to the mayor.
    15. Helping a co-worker get through Las Vegas airport security with no ID.
    16. Working in an office so pretty I’d like to live in it.
    17. Getting choked up taking a picture of our logo on the door to our office in NEW YORK CITY.
    18. Securing a briefing for an article on mayonnaise.
    19. Making “healthy” sangria for the office and Whole Foods Market 365.
    20. Receiving an email from Neil deGrasse Tyson.
    21. Drinking beer for legitimate client purposes.
    22. Holding an IT person hostage to fix the internet.
    23. Participating in my 24th hire/on-boarding at INK (omg, is that right!?).
    24. Pumping in the car with my boss on the way to a new business pitch.
    25. Doing 34 meetings in one week.
    26. Moving to New York and becoming more aggressive than I already was.

This is just a sample of the awesomeness of 2017. Thanks to our clients and all our INKers for being willing to recalibrate their definitions of PR and communications and our roles in general to get to some really good stuff. Cheers to the holidays and to all the new firsts that 2018 holds!

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