2016 Goals: Words of the Year

  • January 26, 2016
  • INK Team

In the past year and a half, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to make your goals achievable and how to strategically work toward exceeding them. The difference between meeting and exceeding is in the details of your own process.

As INK continues to grow, we learn from one another and build off of our own experiences as well as those from our teammates. Part of INK’s goal process is that our boss ladies, Starr, Kari and Blair, work really hard to make sure that company goals are well communicated and every employee from top to bottom knows the progress on a weekly basis. Yes, weekly.

In addition to weekly updates, INK annually selects a few words of the year to live and grow by. In 2016, INK’s words are build, bold, spark, meld, and give. These words give us INKers some pretty awesome insight into the big picture of where the business is headed and how we can individually contribute to making INK the best place to work and the best company to work with.

A large part of what makes INK unique is how the company focuses on professional development. INKers also set their own personal words of the year. We select a word that represents a bigger picture goal, both professionally and personally. Reading the words of the year can give you a little glimpse into just how incredible the people at INK are.

Perspective. In work and in life, I will take a step back to see all of the different places people are coming from. Gaining a new perspective means I will get to push myself outside of my comfort zone and find different angles to approach things.

Impact. I want the work I do to have an impact. Whether it’s a case study for our clients, a blog for visitors on the INK website, or working on my book outside of the office, if someone walks away thinking “you know what? That was inspiring/wonderful/meaningful/other great adjectives,” then I’ve done my job.

Thrive. As I embark on my journey as a first-year PR professional, I want to not only grow, but also thrive personally and professionally. I plan to set my goals high, pursue my dreams with fierce dedication, and absorb more information and insight than one would think is humanly possible.

Explore. My world will turn upside-down and every which way this year as my husband and I welcome twin daughters, debuting this summer. So I’ll try to keep an open mind to explore this new world of parenthood and take the challenges as they come instead of trying to predict what kind of parent I’ll be.

Confidence. I want to have confidence in the value of my ideas, have the confidence to pursue new projects, and feel confident in stepping outside of my comfort zone.

Listen. I’ve written this word on a sticky note and will try my hardest to live by it as we move further into 2016. In a work environment, when others are speaking, we tend to take detailed notes or plan what we will say next. If instead, you really take in what the person is saying, you will be able to recall information with deeper understanding and knowledge. This is true of our time outside of the office as well. Striving to listen first, especially in times of conflict, helps us to avoid giving a reactive response.

Generous. In its obvious meaning, I am beyond blessed and I want to do a better job of sharing that with others. Generous also plays a role in how I deal with people, situations and experiences. I want to be generous in my understanding of others. I want to be generous with ideas and solutions by giving ideas a chance, and opening up to creativity.

Sweat. This is the year I will GSD (get shit done). INK’s culture and the people, inspire me to work hard and make my clients unbelievably happy. I’m spending my spare brainpower on professional development and studying hard to get accredited by PRSA. And of course, I will keep myself happy by sweating it out in the pool, on the bike, on the road, or on the side of a mountain.

Fearless. I’m one to be afraid of my own shadow and in 2016 it is my goal to push past everything that scares me. That means traveling more, taking more chances, writing faster, and jumping (hypothetically). My hope is that in overcoming these hang-ups, I will be a better person and INKer.

Hustle. I’ll be performing a balancing act between navigating my final semester at UT and taking on new challenges as an intern at INK. It’s both exciting and scary. I don’t stand a chance without some serious hustle, so that’s my game plan!

Awake. I like it, it feels expansive. I hope this year I will be awake to every opportunity and experience that comes my way.

Patience. When I make a decision to do something, I typically want to do it right that second and get anxious if I can’t get it done instantly. This year I’m going to try to be more patient for my overall happiness in my personal life, as well as at work. My new mantra: Patience is a virtue!

Think. Professionally, this means always thinking about next steps, thinking about how news affects my clients and thinking about what I can do to add to value to my teams. Personally, this means thinking before I act, like thinking about my calendar before I commit to something and being more thoughtful towards my friends and family.

Present. Live in the moment and enjoy every opportunity as it comes my way. Being present allows you to think more clearly about the assignments at hand and appreciate life experiences as they come.

Kind. I want to be kind to myself, to others, to strangers. I want to be kind in my work and my life.

Practice. When you practice something it isn’t finite or done. It’s in a constant state of change and betterment. Both in work and in my personal life, I’d like 2016 to be a year where small, incremental changes positively affect the big picture.

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