2015: The Year in Review

  • December 28, 2015
  • Rachel Murphy

A lot happened this year at INK. We grew as a team by more than 45%, welcoming Kris, Joey, Nicole, Emily, Cassie, Amanda, Mya and Madison to the INK family. We expanded our physical footprint, putting a stake in the ground in Denver, CO with the opening of INK West. We expanded into consumer package goods and added some fantastic fashion, beer and wine folks to our roster of clients. Not to mention the stellar work with our existing and new clients. Oh, and we won some awards too. We did of this while enjoying the hell of out each other with too many parties, excursions and birthday celebrations to count. Here’s a look at the highlights of the year from the INK team.

I loved Candice’s birthday dunk tank and flying high on the trapeze. Our secret santa’ing this year was also on point. On the client side, I think the contributed content I saw and had the pleasure of editing this year was really top-notch. I’m always so impressed by my fellow INKers! Also, our win for PR News Best Places to Work. There really are too many to name!” – Kimmie

“The petting zoo, driving out to Napa, hiking with Poloskey and Starr in Colorado, Winning Real Ale, which helped save Rachel from deportation ;), all the karaoke, the birth of HJ, Caitlin’s VMA video of the year award, all your faces, and Dolly Spartan” – Kari

“My favorite part was landing a job here and just one month later we were ranked as the best small agency to work for by PR Week. That confirmed what I already knew :).” – Amanda

“The dunk tank was pretty wonderful.” – Joey

“If you follow INK on Instagram you’ve probably noticed that birthdays are a pretty big deal. Having all the pups into the office for my birthday was utter chaos in the best way possible. Attending the Web Summit back in Ireland was also a big highlight and learning experience for me.” – Rachel

Having INKers out to the ranch was definitely a highlight! On the client side, my favorite highlight from the year was redoing the Sensuron website, copy and all. Very very rewarding!  – Kris

“The highlight of my whole year, not just my favorite INK memory, is joining INK! When Starr called to offer me a position, I literally almost fell out of my chair.” – Mya

“Karaoke at the holiday party :).” – Nicole

“Rolling out a daily content creation program for Datapipe’s blog and getting emails every day from the client with things like “perfect!” “no edits!” and “KICK ASS” has made me very, very happy.” – Shelley

“My favorite memory this year was attending the DC Conference in Washington D.C. I was able to grow professionally and share my takeaways with the team!” – Allyson

 “My favorite memory was also singing “Girls just wanna have fun… And run businesses,” with the boss ladies at the holiday party.” – Ariel

 “My favorite group moment was when we went trapezing and the arrival of Miss Ruby” – Starr

“My favorite project was working on CSID’s pilot season of Firewall Chats, featuring special cybersecurity experts from around the country.” – Cassie

 “The holiday party, of course. Well, mostly the morning after and all the death threats I got.” – Candice

“My favorite moment was the trapeze day hands down. It was so cool and I loved that so many INKers were so scared, but rose to the challenge.” – Caitlin

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