2015, It’s Coming to an End

  • November 7, 2015
  • Candice Eng

How is it already November? Soon we’ll be eating Thanksgiving turkey, shopping for the holidays, and it will be 2016 before you know it. With a new year, you’ll be setting new goals and new resolutions. But wait! 2015 isn’t over yet and you can still accomplish great things.

At INK, we asked ourselves: what is one professional and one personal goal I want to accomplish before the end of the year?

Joey: Get the official INK podcast up and running. Personally, I’d like to finish the novel and/or book of short stories I’m working on. That would probably make me the first person in recorded history—or at least at INK history—to drop both an album (reviews welcome) and a book in the same year. Not too shabby!

Is your book a collection of bad jokes?

Nicole: Personally, I’d like to enroll in a photography class and update my blog more regularly. Professionally, I’d like to streamline my workflow process so I can accomplish tasks more efficiently.

Looking forward to seeing you accomplish the “hover” on your Instagram.

Allyson: I’d like to build a media relationship with two new journalists and personally I’d like to go to the gym more.

You got this!

Kim: I want to get us up and running on our new media tool. Personally, I want to get back on a running training schedule!

Always helping us do our jobs better.

Caitlin: By the end of the year I would like to have written one original song on guitar. Professionally, I would like to connect with one of my hard-to-get media targets.

Maybe you could pitch media via song? Or maybe your song can be about your wonderful co-worker, whose name starts with can and ends with dice.

Amanda: Since I just moved across the country, I want to get established in Colorado by taking advantage of every outdoor activity this adventurous state has to offer. Specifically, I want to be a fearless rock climber and get my ski swag back. Professionally, I want to do more than simply “get established” in my new job. I’m learning about new industries, obtaining my APR, and I hope to be a well-rounded PR rock star by the end of 2015.

Sheesh. Don’t get forget to hydrate with those altitudes. And apply lots of moisturizer.

Mya: My professional goal is to finally move into the 21st century and get a website! It will be great to have a consolidated place for my writing portfolio, and to add another element to my personal brand presence online. My personal goal is to cook more at home, rather than eating out.

The Internet. I hear it’s going to be huge.

Kris: Personally, learn how to use my camera. Professionally, learn more about graphic design (currently taking a course).

Already ahead of the game.

Ariel: Personally, carve out the time to do more things that make me happy – art, cooking, and exploring. Professionally, take a creative risk for a client and own it.

Girl, you own it.

Starr: Professionally, so much to do before the end of the year! But honestly, my biggest thing for the rest of Q4 is to get us ready to attack 2016. Personally, I am going to organize the files in my office. I’m going to hang up family pictures in my hallway. These may sound simple, but you haven’t seen my files nor my pictures.

You forgot: get Candice a puppy on this list.

As for me, I want to stay engaged in various aspects of my job, whether that is helping my team members take ownership of their opportunities, build that media relationship they want, or working with my client to achieve their PR program goals for the quarter. Personally, I am going to pick up the phone and call a friend or family member once a week and have a conversation (baby steps).

We better get cracking on these, I’m looking forward to hearing about your progress.

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