2013, In a Word

  • February 11, 2013
  • Starr Million Baker

In 2012, INK started a New Year’s tradition – instead of resolutions, we do words (apropos, no?) that will guide us through the year. Last year, my word was learn. I was honestly surprised at how often I thought about that word throughout the year – much longer, and with more effort, than I have ever given a New Year’s resolution – and it truly did guide my year professionally. Since learn truly was my theme for 2012, my word in 2013 is teach – I am challenging myself to share the wealth.

Here is the complete list of INKers and their 2013 words. Ladies, would love the stories behind your words in the comments! (Or even better, your very own blog post. ;-))

Kari – better

Blair – purge

Adrienne – evolve

Micaela – thought

Helen – own

Candice – balance

Jennifer – anticipate

Jess – cultivate

Rachael G – shine

Rachael S – expand

Nikol – connect

Other good stuff in here