2012, in a word…

  • January 13, 2012
  • Blair Poloskey

I read a pretty fabulous post by Tolly Moseley a couple weeks back about choosing a word to define her goals and experiences for the year, rather than setting resolutions. I thought this was a pretty brilliant idea (turns out I am not the only one) and encouraged everyone at INK to do the same.  These are the words we chose:

Starr: learn

Kari: order

Blair: open

Micaela: cultivate

Helen: confidence

Allison: lead

Candice: challenge

Jessica: embrace

Rachael: emerge

Adrienne: focus

Just a couple weeks into the year, I have already seen the team tackle work differently based on their word choices. For example, Helen just rocked CES. I mean rocked it hard. Her first CES in the roll of lead-coordinator-and-general-big-boss-of-every-possible-situation – and she did it with the utmost confidence. I never saw her balk at a situation or stutter-step. It was pretty incredible, and, as the person usually playing this roll, SO COMFORTING. Her confidence, whether feigned or real, certainly put me at ease, and allowed me to be open to someone else being in control – Look Ma, I am playing along too!

Candice also rose to the challenge (you see what I did there?) at CES this year – tackling her first major media event, first business trip with INK, first time shuttling media clients around the busy streets of Vegas in a Tahoe (that she essentially needed a running start to even get into the drivers seat of) without batting an eyelash. She even shipped a TV to Korea – I know shipping logistics might not seem like the most insurmountable hurdle, but for those of you who think that, you have clearly never tried to ship anything from the business center at Treasure Island.

This year is bound to be another banner year for INK – and hopefully, by the end of it, we will be able to look back and say that we addressed work and situations that came our way differently (and better) than we would have before due to this exercise. We’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, what is your word?


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