Rain Down the Confetti! INK Welcomes 100th Client: Logi Analytics

  • February 22, 2016
  • Starr Million Baker

Late last year, we got word that we had been chosen by business analytics software company Logi Analytics to be its PR partner in 2016. And GUESS WHAT?!?! With that news, this interesting, growing, smart, visionary company became our 100th INK client! That kind of milestone deserves a moment of recognition.

Cheers to this client that believes in planning, then executing, then measuring, then analyzing and starting again. It’s been a marriage of strategic thought balanced with smart execution thus far – just our kind of gig.

Cheers to this client that believes in pitch first, press release later. This type of media relations is the rifle, not the shotgun, approach and here we excel (and can proudly represent our industry too, as this is what all PR practitioners should be doing in the world of media relations).

Cheers to this client that believes goals are important, but more so because they are to be learned from – when we hit them, and when we don’t. Numbers for numbers sake don’t help any person, program or business get better.

And cheers to this client that believes in long-term partnerships and went to great lengths to ensure we started off on this relationship on the right foot, with lots of ideas, feedback, back-and-forth, planning, in-person strategy and brainstorm sessions, and an open door for questions.

We couldn’t have asked for a better 100th client as Logi Analytics represents not just a milestone number, but the epitome of INK’s best client. Cheers to our first few months together, may there be many more!

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